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1 Day:   Arrival at the airport. Meeting. Travel to the downtown Moscow and accommodation in a hotel. Sightseeing tour of Moscow. Dinner at the hotel.

2 day:   Early breakfast at the hotel. Trip Cosmonaut Training Center of the Star Town (in the Moscow's area). Meeting with the top rank officials and specialists. General information. Medical tests, lecture on training in conditions of real weightlessness, preflight training and instructions. Visit to the airdrome depot of the IL-76 MDK flying laboratory aircraft. Participation in the aircraft flight with simulation of the zero gravity conditions. Return to Moscow. Dinner at the hotel.

3 day:    Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to the Star Town. Medical and Psychological tests. Lectures in the Planetarium, virtual space navigation and observation with simulation use of the control panel of the International Space Station and the Soyuz-TM spaceship. Getting acquainted with the TS F-18 Centrifuge. Participation in overload conditions training in the Centrifuge. Return to the hotel and dinner.

4 day:    Breakfast. Trip to the Star Town. Medical and Psychological tests. Simulation training in the hydraulic laboratory wearing light diving suits. Simulation training in the high pressure chamber. Taking on Orlan and Sokol space suits and the lecture thereupon. Theory and simulation training in the "Flying Chair" space simulator (Autonomous moving in the outer space). Discussion of the achievements. Granting of the Certificates. Return to Moscow. Dinner at the hotel.

5 day:    Breakfast. An excursion to the Kremlin and its Armory Chamber. Moscow on foot. Enjoying of the authentic Russian cuisine.

6 day:    Breakfast. Departure from the hotel to the airport, seeing-off.