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Only 40-minute journey from Moscow - and you find yourself in a place which was inaccessible for visitors for more than 60 years, surrounded by a secrecy veil.

The firing ground occupies more than 160 sq. km of a forest tract - you have a unique opportunity wearing a uniform of a Russian soldier to fire different types of modern arms and weapons: small arms, tanks, howitzers, flame-throwers, grenade dischargers and even a GRAD system. You will have lunch prepared right at the firing POSITION in a real field kitchen as well as all the opportunities for an active rest in one of the ecologically purest zones of Moscow Region. Swimming and fishing, hunting (elk, hare, wild boar, fox), horse-riding and airing in the forest are all at your service. At night after sauna and real shashliks you will have the pleasure to sit near the camp fire, listening to the hunter's tales.


1 Day   
08:00   Departure from Moscow (by minibuses or private cars).
09:00   Arrival at the firing ground Center.
09:00-10:00    Arrangements:

  • - car parking
  • - storing tourists' personal arms or their registration providing they are officially permitted
  • - welcoming party: soft drinks, tea, coffee, sandwiches
  • - instructions and visit programming
  • - changing cloths and equipping the tourists
    10:30-11:00   Arrival at the firing ground. Instructions
    11:00-13:00   Firing practice: "Kalashnikov" submachine guns
    Demonstration firing: grenade dischargers, T-72 (T-80) tank or "Hyacinth" howitzer, self-propelled guns and other types of weapons
    13:00-14:00   Lunch at the position prepared in the field kitchen
    14:30-16:00   Arrival at the sport shooting ground. Instructions
    Stand shooting using "IZH-27" rifles and "Makarov" pistols
    Targets: clays, "running boars", fixed marks
    On tourists' request experienced instructors can adjust their rifles
    17:00-21:00   Arrival at the hunter's camp
    Sauna. "Shashlik" dinner
    21:30   Night in the hunter's camp or in a hotel in Moscow

    2 Day    
    09:00 - Breakfast.
    09:30-13:00; 14:00-18.00   - Optional programs:
    1) Airing in the forest, mushroom and berry-picking
    2) Fishing and swimming
    3) Horse riding
    4) Hunting (depending on the season): wild boar, elk, hare, fox
    5) Paintball ground (in winter time - 1000 sq. m heated hangar)
    13:00-14:00   - Lunch
    16:00-18:00   - Sauna
    18:00-20:00   - Dinner (shashliks), camp-fire
    21:00   - Departure for Moscow.

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