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1 Day: Arrival in Moscow.   
A guide-interpreter meets the tourists at the airport. Arrival at a hotel, accommodation, dinner, free time.

2 day: "Space exploration history".   
Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion to Zvyozdny gorodok (Star City), visits to the Museum and Cosmonaut Training Center.
Luncheon on the territory of Zvyozdny gorodok. Brief cosmonaut training course (highlights of the training program) i.e.:

  • Non -gravitation flight.
  • Centrifuge rotating.
  • Classes at the hydro-laboratory.
  • Space planetarium.
  • Excursion to the Museum of Spaceships and Space Operations Center, the unique establishment controlling Russian and international space stations' operations; return to Moscow, dinner, free time.

    3 day: "Unique collection of armor"   
    Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion to the museum and survey of the unique collection of Armor, collected from twelve countries of the world. Luncheon on the territory of the museum. March on board of a modern Russian battle tank and shooting targets. Return to Moscow, free time, dinner at the restaurant accompanied by gypsies of Romen theatre.

    4 day: "Russian air-power"   
    Breakfast at the hotel. Arrival at Monino. Survey of the exhibition "100 years of the Russian aviation development history". Open sky museum. Return to Moscow, luncheon, free time, dinner.

    5 day: "Feel like in the skin of a special forces trooper".   
    Breakfast at the hotel. Arrival at the shooting range site of the testing ground. Briefing, crossing the obstacles line, luncheon at the testing ground (field kitchen). Shooting from different types of light weapons, and finally the super-prize: Russian military uniform. Sauna in the evening, dinner, return to Moscow.

    6 day: "Special services' activities on he territory of Moscow City".   
    Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion around major places of Russian and foreign special services' counterintelligence operations on the territory of Moscow City. Luncheon at the restaurant in the Red Square. Return to hotel, dinner, free time.

    7 day: "The history of Russian victories"   
    Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion about the places of combat glory. Visiting Poklonnaya Hill (or Borodino Village), Luncheon at the restaurant, free time, fare-well dinner at Ofitserskoye Sobraniye (Officers' Club) restaurant. Seeing off at the airport.

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