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Ladies and gentlemen!

The Committee for Tourism of the Moscow Government invites you for an unforgettable trip to Moscow, the capital of Russia.

In this catalogue you will find a description of the best excursion programs exposing the pages of the city's very rich history. The capital being hospitable as a generous Russian nature will open wide for you the doors to the past and present of Russia's history. You will be able to choose a tour to your liking among the variety of available suggestions.

In Moscow, the heart of Russia, history of the city's development and well-being is embodied in the majestic architectural ensemble of the Kremlin with a lot of churches, cathedrals and halls. On the famous Red Square you will set your eyes on the domes of the Cathedral of St. Basil, which has become a symbol of Russia's spirituality, and on the chiming clock of the Spasskaya (Saviour) Tower, the chime of which is a living picture of running time. Museums and monuments of Kitai Gorod will transfer you back to the times several centuries ago when the events determining Russia's history occurred.

Connoisseurs of art and architecture will be attracted by rich collections of the world-famous Tretyakov Art Gallery and Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. And then you certainly have to walk around the city. Mansions of the XIX century in combination with modern high-rise buildings create a unique ensemble, where the past and the present are intertwined in the harmony of the environment.

Centuries-old religious history is embodied in unique architectural monuments of the St. Daniel Monastery and the New Maiden Monastery, the ensembles of the XVI - XVII centuries. Many residencies of Russian aristocracy and estates of artistic figures are museums now. Among them are the Lefortovo Palace on the Yauza River, the Imperial Summer Palace of the XVIII century, the Kuskovo estate, the summer residency of count Sheremetev, the Memorial House of Chekhov and the museum of Gorky in Moscow, the Memorial House of Fyodor Shalyapin, as well as the Museum-Estate "Abramtsevo," where Gogol and Turgenev used to stay.

Business people will certainly be glad to combine their visits to Moscow museums with the participation in annual business seminars, subject exhibitions, conferences and forums.

Admirers of dramatic art will not miss theatre premieres or music festivals. Those who like excitement will be fond of prestigious casinos, clubs and modern entertainment centers. And those who like folklore will be able to take part in a real folk outdoor festival. For example, revelries are conducted annually at the architectural museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye." Russian troika (carriage-and-three) ride is an indispensable attribute of such folk celebrations, as well as a fancy-dress show and performances of folklore ensembles. But is it a Russian festival without a feast? Genuine Russian shchi (cabbage soup) and pancakes with caviar will be served to hungry guests at the izba-cafe.

Active relaxation for arms-fanciers. The largest military safari in Europe. Only here you will feel yourself a real warrior. You can test the arms firing, and after the battle fortify yourself with food from a field kitchen.

Since olden days mankind has aspired to explore the unknown space. For the first time now you may get acquainted with Russia's space exploration history, visiting the Museum of Military Aviation, Mission Control Center and Zvyozdny Gorodok (Star Town). Children will be delighted with visits to theaters, the circus, planetarium and zoo. During a tour of Moscow Metro you will admire sculptural compositions, stained-glass windows and mosaics of subway stations, as each of them is unique.

Moscow is a wonderful city and you would like to visit it again and again! And the city is waiting for you!


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