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Lefortovo-Versailles on the Yausa-river - a summer residence of Russian emperors of the 18-th century

1 Day:   

  • Arrival to Moscow.

  • Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

  • Dinner.

    2 Day:   

  • Breakfast

  • Sightseeing tour about Moscow: " German village as a step towards St. Petersburg - the bridge between Russia and Western Europe".

  • Dinner at the cafe "Anna Mons".

    3 Day:   

  • Breakfast.

  • Promenade about Lefortovo Park, where Russian emperors Peter the Great, Anna Johanovna, Catherine the Great used to walk.

  • Dinner.

  • At night- visit to the Bolshoy Theatre.

    4 Day:   

  • Sightseeing tours for choice :

  • German (Vvedenskoye ) Cemetery as the Last Shelter of many remarkable people - pride of Russian history and culture.

  • St. Peter and Paul Church in German village .

  • Yelokhov Church.

  • Excursions to Moscow cathedrals.

  • Dinner at one of the oldest restaurants of Moscow "Yar".

    5 Day:   

  • Breakfast. Departure.